A Last Stand for Justice

Pauline CampbellThe following report, images and audio are from some of the last prison demo’s staged by Pauline. Her resolve was strong as ever
Protesting mother is arrested at prison demonstration
published: 6th February 2008

A mum protesting outside Styal prison following the death of a woman inmate was arrested. Pauline Campbell organised a peaceful protest at the prison to mark the death of Lisa Marley, who was found hanging in a cell last month. But the mum, whose 18-year-old daughter Sarah died after taking an overdose of prescription drugs at the prison in 2003, was arrested after standing in front of two prison vans trying to enter the grounds.

An eyewitness said Pauline, 60, was `wrestled to the ground’ by four police officers before being dragged into a waiting police van. She was shouting that the prison was unsafe as she was led away. As the officers placed Pauline in handcuffs, prisoners began banging on the windows of the vans, the eyewitness said. The vans had to wait 20 minutes before going in to the prison.

Pauline had organised the protest in memory of Lisa who was the first woman prisoner to die in custody this year.

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Audio Report >
Audio of Pauline Campbell leading demonstration outside Holloway women’s prison on 16th January 2008

Images from the Holloway demo >
MyLondon Diary: Police converge on Pauline as she tries to show her poster to an approaching prison van


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  1. The imprisonment of any parent, male or female is wrong. Children need their parents at all times. The children are being punished – they are the innocent victims in this hideous injustice system in the UK.

  2. heather pinchen

    The imprisonment of women for non violent offences is both cruel and manifestly wrong.

    The mostly needless imprisonment of women has agreat impact on society as it damages children – who need the constant and important presence of their mothers both emotionally and spiritually.

    Shame on the State.

    The work of Pauline Campbell to highlight the injustice and sexism inherent in the ghastly Criminal Injustice Industry goes on…….

  3. Fay Dunnaway

    The shear tenacity of this courageous woman will never cease to amaze me!
    I hope that the spirit of her protests are maintained in some way. I would love to get more involved.

    Fay Dunnaway
    Luton, UK

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