Mystery Over Will

Pauline - CampaignerCampaigners wishes ignored
The following is taken from: John Tyrell Blogs
originally published 20th August 2008

I have received a message that Pauline Campbell’s will has disappeared and her wishes to benefit charity are being ignored. Her legacy deserves better than that. The news of Pauline’s death came as a shock to her friends and many who didn’t know her but were affected by her dedicated work. Pauline was fearless and at each demonstration would request that women arriving at the prison in a van should be taken to a place of safety. The police response was violent and she and her supporters were thrown to the ground on more than one occasion.

Her actions were followed by court appearances. Not only were they costly, they proved to be of no value, a complete waste of time. Pauline was honoured and took part in a number of broadcasts, in fact she was the regular speaker every time the subject of deaths in prison came up. She was invited as a speaker at a international conference on penal abolition.

Protest over the death of Lisa Marley a young mother who, like her daughter Sarah, had died at Styal Prison. LIsa died on 28th January this year.

Following Comment from Elaine Griffiths – friend
@ 19th August 2008
Following Pauline’s funeral her estranged family have ransacked her home, thrown much of her work and papers into rubbish bags, including treasured pictures of her daughter Sarah. Anyone who knew Pauline would understand that she had completely disowned her family and following Sarah’s death had changed her will in favour of her chosen charities.

This will has mysteriously disappeared and the only existing one was written in 1985 with Sarah as the beneficiary. What has to be done is to prove that there was a later will, even if we can’t produce it – her retired solicitor friend Raymond confirms that he prepared it and that it was witnessed.

We also need to prove that Pauline would not have changed it again so anyone who can testify that her wishes were in favour of her charities and that she did not acknowledge her family must come forward and put that in writing. We need to do this before probate is granted – approximately in another 3 months or a bit less. Time is of the essence.

We made a promise to Pauline that we would carry out her wishes in the event of her death – we must try as hard as we can to do what she wanted.


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