“2008 Demo Remembers”

From the 10th Annual Deaths in Custody Demonstration

Saturday 25 October 2008: The annual United Families and Friends Campaign protest marched on Downing Street at this annual event to highlight the numbers of deaths in custody.

In 2007 the number of deaths in custody amounted to 544, this year the figure currently stands at 182, but the official report will not be released until April 2009.

This year the protest also marked the passing of stalwart custody death campaigner Pauline Campbell, who passed away in May this year. Following the death of her daughter in Styal prison in 2003, Pauline had campaigned endlessly to hold prison staff and the authorites to account for vast amounts of unexplained deaths and suicides in police cells, the UK prison system, immigration detention centres and mental health institutes.

The film can also be obtained on the December 2008 issue of Reel News.

For more information and a longer report visit Jason Parkinson’s blog.


Pauline had been a tireless campaigner against the deaths of women in prison and psychiatric custody ever since the tragic death of her own daughter, Sarah, in 2003.


About Tippa Naphtali

I am currently a partner in Naphtali & Associates, an informal network of VCO champions established in 2003, helping to develop social enterprises, business ownership and affordable services by and for local people. I am also an active campaigner for police, prison and mental health reform particularly in relation to deaths and abuses in custody.

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