Remembering Pauline: Two Years On…

Addressing the Annual London Rally

We felt it would be most fitting to simply hear the words of Pauline to mark the 2nd anniversary of her tragic death.

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Pauline had been a tireless campaigner against the deaths of women in prison and psychiatric custody ever since the tragic death of her own daughter, Sarah, in 2003.

Video courtesy of Ken Fero


About 4WardEver UK

4WardEver UK is a community collective providing news and information sharing services for our readers and members. We support the call for police, penal and mental health reforms in the UK and internationally. “Keep Informed – Keep up the Struggle” Our activities and on-line services are managed by a small dedicated team of volunteers: Established in 2005.

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  1. Award winning filmmakers Bill Maloney and Lilly Starr visited Mikey Powell’s Remembrance Day, at the Highfields Community Centre in Leicester.

    4WARDEVERUK- the organisation that leads the charge against unlawful deaths in Police custody, asked the filmmakers if they would document the day.

    Bill Maloney’s reply to this request was as follows:
    “There has to be a time of coming together, for all victims and their families around the world so that we can fight against these outrageous crimes. Not for revenge, but for peace & justice. I’d be honoured to make a film for 4wardeverUK. God bless all victims & survivors”

    Deborah Coles from Inquest delivered a strong message about the tragedy and effectiveness of Pauline’s tireless campaign and her strength to seek justice for the death of her beloved daughter. The Trailer for ‘4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES’ can be viewed at:

    Please feel free to push it forward as a tool to raise awareness of unlawful deaths in UK custody.

    In Peace and Solidarity,

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