Safer in Custody stats published

original source: IAP
22nd July 2010

The Ministry of Justice today published its Safer in Custody Statistics Bulletin for 2009 which provides an analysis on deaths, self harm and violence in prison. The statistics are an important source of information for those interested in understanding and improving safety in prison and other custodial settings.

The publication analyses deaths, self-harm and violence in prison custody, looking at trends across age, gender and time in prison custody.

The bulletin is released by the Ministry of Justice and produced in accordance with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

You can access the statistics by visting:

The bulletin is produced and handled by the ministry’s analytical professionals and production staff. Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons:

Ministry of Justice: Justice Secretary; Minister of State; Parliamentary Under Secretary; Director General, Criminal Justice Group; Director General, National Offender Management Service (NOMS); Deputy Director General (NOMS); Director of Commissioning and Operational Policy (NOMS); Head of Safer Custody & Offender Policy (NOMS); Deputy Head of Safer Custody & Offender Policy (NOMS); Head of Performance Management Group (NOMS); and relevant special advisors and press office.


About Tippa Naphtali

I am currently a partner in Naphtali & Associates, an informal network of VCO champions established in 2003, helping to develop social enterprises, business ownership and affordable services by and for local people. I am also an active campaigner for police, prison and mental health reform particularly in relation to deaths and abuses in custody.

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