Film – The Resistance of Others : Urgent Appeal

Claris Powell - Mikey Powell Mother

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After the multi-award winning feature ‘Injustice’ comes a powerful & poetic cinema documentary about resistance to state brutality.

Some films just need to be made. This project is to complete the edit of a cinematic feature documentary on the struggles for justice by families of those who have died in state custody in the UK.

Migrant Media is a group of radical film-makers with a focus on work about resistance, race and class. We function as a creative collective and have been visually documenting experiences in various communities since 1989 in television and cinema production. We have a strong community grounding with an international reputation for challenging and innovative work.

Our prize-winning films have been recognised by many national and international awards at major film festivals. We produced ‘Injustice’ a feature length documentary about deaths in state custody that we spent seven years making and the past ten years screening across the world.

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About Tippa Naphtali

I am currently a partner in Naphtali & Associates, an informal network of VCO champions established in 2003, helping to develop social enterprises, business ownership and affordable services by and for local people. I am also an active campaigner for police, prison and mental health reform particularly in relation to deaths and abuses in custody.

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