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Obituary: The Guardian, May 2008

The death, at the age of 60, of Pauline Campbell marks the end of the single most dedicated and vociferous campaign for the cause of women in prison of recent years. That her body was found at her daughter’s graveside adds a poignant postscript to her untimely end. For it was the death, in January 2003, of Sarah, her only child, that ignited the torch Pauline was to carry tirelessly and with great courage for the next five years.

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4WardEverUK is a community collective providing news and information sharing services for its readers and members. We support the call for police, penal and mental health reforms in the UK and internationally. “Keep Informed – Keep up the Struggle” Our activities and on-line services are managed by a small dedicated team of volunteers: Established in 2006.

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  1. Always remembering Pauline in her pain, her courage, her resilience and in her unflinching refusal to be beaten down. After her daughter died in Styal Prison she campaigned fearlessly to get justice for Sarah.

    She put her life on the line several times by attempting to stop prison vans transporting women and to highlight the abuse that happens in prisons on a regular basis and in the end gave her life. Never forgotten.

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