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Remembering Pauline Campbell : 8 Years on and sorely missed

Benjamin Zephaniah & Pauline Campbell

4WardEver UK pays respect to our sister and comrade as we mark the 8th anniversary of her tragic death. “We salute you”

Pauline Campbell was found dead on 15 May 2008, not far from the grave of her daughter Sarah. Sarah died in January 2003 in HMP Styal.

Picture: Pauline Campbell with Benjamin Zephaniah, Cousin of Mikey Powell @ the ‘Moving Forward Together’ event in Birmingham, 2005.

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We Remember…

Obituary: The Guardian, May 2008

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Publication: Chained to the prison gates

Pauline Campbell - Campaignerby: The Economic Voice published: 6 November 2013 Chained To The Prison Gates: A new perspective on protests by campaigners Pauline Campbell and Violet Van der Elst. Two women who campaigned tirelessly for penal reform after enduring personal tragedy are the subject of an enlightening new report published by the Howard League for Penal Reform.

The study offers a new perspective on protests by Pauline Campbell and Violet Van der Elst – two women, divided by decades, who demonstrated outside prisons to raise awareness of injustice within the penal system.

Chained To The Prison Gates, written by Laura Topham, reveals how the women’s demonstrations attracted national media attention but came at huge personal cost, leading to criminal proceedings, illness, misery and financial ruin. Drawing on interviews with politicians, criminologists and leading penal reformers, the report also analyses the two campaigns in detail, exploring their use of direct action and assessing their impact and effectiveness.

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