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Email IconGet updates via your Email in-box or RSS for browsers and FeedReaders. If you are new to RSS use ‘feedshow.’ Full details of these options are shown below!

Email subscription – it’s quick & simple!

Just complete the sign-up box located in the sidebar. Wait to receive our confirmation email (via WordPress) click on the link and you’re all done!

Once your subscription is verified you can choose to receive a daily or weekly bulletin, and you can un-subscribe from bulletins whenever you wish.

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Standard RSS Feeds

You can subscribe by RSS Feeds direct to your browser, (for more information about RSS Feeds and how to use them, click here). No email is required – updates are sent direct to your browser. Click on the orange image above to get your RSS feed.

* The feed address for this site is:

FeedReaders & options

* (use the feed address above)

  • You can click the RSS icon visible in your browser.
  • or, You can also use the posts and comments RSS links that are displayed in the sidebar of this website for a quick set-up.

Feed updates are sent direct to your preferred news reader. (For more information about RSS and FeedReaders and how to use them, click here).

Get RSS or Feeds online

* (use the feed address above)


There are many types of Readers that you can use. We recommend ‘FeedShow’ for simplicity or if you are new at using RSS or Readers.

Leave any queries about this service below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! (Remember to leave your email address) – it will not be used for any other purpose than to reply to your query.

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