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Rest in peace dear Pauline…
A song for Pauline & Sarah >

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  1. Rise in peace sista. From a friend who never met you!

  2. George Coombs

    A great inspiration, compassionate and of great integrity. I remember her so well especially doing my first ever ever demonstration with her. Rest in peace and rise in glory.

  3. Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

    Though I never met her, Pauline is still frequently mentioned from campaign members all over the UK. What a powerful and courageous women. Bless you. One Love.

  4. Pauline remains very much in my thoughts and her determination to secure justice not only for her daughter, Sarah but for all those women who had died in custody was testimony to her remarkable spirit, unbending will and courageous campaigning…

  5. Pauline was and remains an inspiration to many many people in the campaigning community. I had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions, and was always impressed by her fiery yet measured manner.

    She will indeed be sorely missed. Rest in peace dear sister.

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